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RF Coaxial Connector SMA Connector

  • RF Coaxial Connector SMA Connector
  • RF Coaxial Connector SMA Connector
  • RF Coaxial Connector SMA Connector
Model No.︰FT-SMA-JY1.5-G0
Brand Name︰Futai
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 0.5 / pc
Minimum Order︰100 pc
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Product Description

The SMA series connectors for use with semi-rihid and flexible RF cables,are used for microwave applications requirng high performance.They are characterized by their small size and high reliability,and be inter-changeable with the same-type connectors of abroad.

Connector SMA RF Connector




Major Technical Characteristics





Frequency Range   

DC12.4GHz(Semi-Rigid Cable DC-18GHz)

Center conductor retention force

≥0.28 N

Insertion Loss      


Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

Straight Flexible Cable ≤1.10+0.02f

Semi-Rigid Cable≤1.07+0.018f

Right angle Flexible Cable ≤1.20+0.03f

          Semi-Rigid Cable≤1.17+0.02f




RG174 Cable

Material & Plating



Gold plated

Pin contact


Gold plated

Socket contact

Beryllium-copper Customized)

Gold plated

Resilient contact


Gold plated



Crimp ferrule

Copper alloy

Nickel or gold plated

O-ring sealing        

6146 silicone rubber














Our Company Other Products:

Futai HK Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing manufacturing and selling all kinds of RF connectors, Cable Assemblies and antennas.Our major products are three catagories:RF Connector , Cable Assembly and Antenna.
Connector are including RF Connectors(withSMA,SMB,SMC,SSMA,SSMB,SSMC,SMZ,7/16,MMCX, MCX, TNC, F, BNC ,N, and so on).
Cable assemblies are including interface cables (with U.FL, H.FL, IPEX, SMA, SMB, MCX, N, MMCX connector and so on ).
Antennas are including GPS antenna, WiFi antenna, GSM antenna, DVB-T antenna, GPS/GSM combination antenna, GPS engineer board. 

We are welcoming you to ask sample for testing ,welcome to our company website  to do business.

http://www.futai8.com        http://www.gpsgf.com   http://futaihk.en.alibaba.com


Payment Terms︰TT/Western Union
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